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My name is Bridget! I'm here to tell you that in this space, your identity is not only acknowledged but embraced with open arms and warm hearts. You are cherished and celebrated just as you are. You are not alone - you are surrounded by allies and friends who honor and respect your journey. Welcome home, where love knows no bounds and acceptance reigns supreme.

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    “I love the artistic look of these stickers, they look like they belong in a sketchbook. I bought them to embellish my travel journal for a trip this spring and they are just the right size. Transaction was perfectly done with great attention to detail. I highly recommend!!” - Alison

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    "A unique bookmark!! I will have to find the perfect book for it!! Thank You!! - Kate

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    “What a gorgeous sticker!! It came quickly and the packaging was very neat. I love the subtle pride involved and will definitely come back! Thank you so much!” - Abigail

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Abrosexual Subtle Pride Flag Agender Subtle Pride Flag Androsexual Subtle Pride Flag Aroace Subtle Pride Flag Aromantic Subtle Pride Flag Asexual Subtle Pride Flag Bear Subtle Pride Flag Bigender Subtle Pride Flag Bisexual Subtle Pride Flag   Demiromantic Subtle Pride Flag Demisexual Subtle Pride Flag Gay Male Subtle Pride Flag Gay Subtle Pride Flag Genderfae Subtle Pride Flag Genderfaun Subtle Pride Flag Genderfluid Subtle Pride Flag Genderqueer Subtle Pride Flag Intersex Subtle Pride Flag Lesbian Subtle Pride Flag Neptunic Subtle Pride Flag Nonbinary Subtle Pride Flag Omnisexual Subtle Pride Flag Pangender Subtle Pride Flag Panromantic Subtle Pride Flag Pansexual Subtle Pride Flag Polyamorous Subtle Pride Flag Progress Subtle Pride Flag Queer Subtle Pride Flag Straight Ally Subtle Pride Flag Toric Subtle Pride Flag Transgender Subtle Pride Flag Trigender Subtle Pride Flag Trixic Subtle Pride Flag Unlabeled Subtle Pride Flag Uranic Subtle Pride Flag 

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Will the stickers last?

You bet! All of the stickers in our shop are waterproof, durable vinyl that won't fade in the sun.

What size should I order for my hoodie?

Every type of clothing in the store has a sizing chart associated with it. I do recommend sizing up on the women's t-shirt... it's a snug fit compared to the other styles.

What if I can't find my pride flag?

Reach out to me! I have an ongoing list of pride flags that are being added to the boutique! I'd love to include yours!

Do you accept returns or exchanges?

We do not accept returns or exchanges. However, we will refund you or replace the item, if it is damaged in the mail or if the item is defective. Just email us about what happened, with a photo of the damaged product, and we'd be happy to help!

Are the bookmarks sturdy?

Yes! The paper stock used makes a sturdy bookmark that won't bend or crease. They have a gloss finish for a beautiful shine.

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