About Me

Hey-ya! I’m Bridget. I find joy in musty old things. I started The Velvet Dot so I could bring vintage inspired art into people’s everyday lives. My art is made for humans who have old souls, who love dark academia and gothic aesthetic, who want to run down castle corridors in a fantasy novel, who aren’t afraid of color, texture and shelves full of oddities, and who are inspired by far-away places with a legacy to be told. 

I want to create art that I am deeply connected to – and is also a bit more modern in presentation. (Ironic considering the vintage inspiration.) So in my shop you’ll find stickers, clothing, bookmarks, printable downloads, art prints, and more.


I’m sure you’re dying to know where my obsession with antiques began. Well – here’s the story about how a big part of my personality was shaped. When I was growing up I got to go on “treasure hunts” in my grandparent’s basement. My Grandpa used to send us running down the stairs to dig through closets and boxes. We’d choose one item and come running back upstairs with it. Then he’d tell us a story about where it came from – what it meant – how it was used – the legacy of it. He taught me the power of a story and the importance of sharing knowledge and past experiences. Once he finished telling us all about our new treasure we’d get to take it home. Usually along with a quarter that he’d be sure to tell us not to spend all in one place. He told inappropriate jokes, loved to work with his hands, and swore he knew the secret to perpetual motion (just couldn’t get it down onto paper.) He’s definitely the reason I’m a “collector” and storyteller today.

Now as for my Grandma – she had a mix of spunk and classical elegance. She was a sassy woman who would speak her mind, and laugh so hard she’d get “crinkle face.” (A genetic trait passed down to all of us.) As for her elegance, in my eyes, that came in the form of pianos and crystal. She was an incredible pianist who taught myself and many other family members. She always had her nails painted a subtle shade of pink, but refused to cut them short even though they clacked on the keys when she played. Her house was the only house I got to use crystal in as a child. Every time we came over she’d have homemade chocolate pudding with whipped cream on top, served in crystal dessert glasses. It did come as a huge shock the day that we found out her homemade pudding was actually instant Jello pudding from a box, and cool whip from a tub… but I can attest to the fact that it tastes fancier out of crystal stemware. She also had a gorgeous crystal chandelier hanging over the dining room table – which now hangs over my dining room table. It’s one of my most treasured heirlooms. Behind that same dining room table was a cabinet full of blue crystal, which my Aunt now owns and I admire every time I’m over at her place. It was amazing to me to see such elegance and sass come from the same woman. She’s the reason I’m not afraid to love fancy, delicate, eclectic things while also swearing like a sailor. 

Both of my grandparents had green thumbs and loved taking care of plants. My Grandma used to talk to her plants every day and tell them nice things. She said it’s what made them grow so big and bloom so often. Her peony were always impressively large. Like – the size of my face large… and now that I think about it I was a child so maybe they were normal size. Eh – either way I remember them being perfect. And my Grandpa used to build rock gardens for himself, and some family members, as showstoppers in the backyard. Filled to the brim with all sorts of flowers and plants. They had a grape vine that my Grandma would make jelly from, and would can peaches from their peach tree. So if you see any plant inspired drawings in my art, that’s from them too… and the fact that I am now attempting to harness my own green thumb powers. I mean… are you even a millennial if you didn’t get a plant addiction during quarantine?

Now you might be thinking to yourself – “but Bridget, you have other drawings that are NOT vintage or antiques. There’s drawings of things like Paris, and weird witchy stuff. What is that all about?” Well – that’s about me being a complex sentient ball of stardust (aka a weird human). Honestly – I believe in past lives, and deep down feel a VERY strong connection to Paris. So I did some drawings from when I went to visit in 2019. And if you aren’t scared away by the past life subject yet… well then you’ll also learn that I believe in the universe and energies that play into our lives (aka witchy stuff.) So yes, my art is majoritively inspired by a vintage aesthetic, but includes all things that bring me joy and inspiration. And I KNOW I’m not the only complex sentient ball of stardust out there. So if something inspires you too – buy it. If not – thanks for stopping by the shop and I hope you find your inspiring art eventually! 

To sum up, my grandparents played a huge part in my love of antiques and plants. I am a witchy girl who believes in the universe and past lives. I have always been an artist and am forever grateful for a supportive family throughout my journey. And – I am TRULY grateful you took the time to read all of this. Because, really, you didn’t have to. So - thank you. Hope you enjoyed at least a sentence or two.

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