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Your self expression reflected in art!

Pro-Choice Plants - Sticker

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While our voices need to be heard now more than ever in opposition to the overturn of Roe vs. Wade, this design is a subtle way to support the cause every day. While it might look like a pretty illustration of some random flowers, I promise you the meaning is deeper.

For centuries, women have found ways to be in control of their bodies. Historically many varieties of plants were used for medicinal purposes. This illustration shows a handful of those documented to “promote menstruation”.

As of 2022, our rights as women have been taken, and it feels as though these medieval techniques are our only resort. That however can be deadly for more reasons than one. I have designed this art to take a stand against the overturn of Roe vs. Wade. When safe resources for abortion are taken away, people with uterus’ will turn to unregulated and potentially unsafe options.

For each sale of these Pro-Choice Plant designs, 10% of the profits will be donated to the National Network of Abortion Funds. Learn more about how The Velvet Dot gives back here.

DISCLAIMER: This is not medical advice. I am not a doctor or medical professional. Do not consume the plants illustrated here for medical reasons. Please refer to your medical provider for homeopathic options.

Vinyl Sticker Dimensions: 4" x 1.59"

All of my stickers are waterproof and durable to stick on cars, water bottles, etc. The thick, durable vinyl protects your stickers from scratches, water & sunlight.


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Customer Reviews

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Really durable!

I’m buying this sticker for a second time! The durability is great, my cup didn’t last as long as the sticker. I just had to get this again for my new cup 😂

Emily Jo McKnight
Pro-Choice Plants sticker is BEAUTIFUL

The art style is so beautiful! The whimsical details come out so nicely in the sticker, and the size is just perfect.

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    10% of profits are donated to organizations when Pride and Pro-Choice products are purchaed. See where we're giving back here.